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Welcome to Cypheron Design, your product design agency based in the north west. As a dedicated designer and engineer with exceptional technical abilities and an innovative mindset, we offer personalized product design services tailored to your needs. Our friendly, one-to-one project support ensures you receive dedicated assistance every step of the way.

Short management chains and streamlined approval processes, We deliver fast, adaptable services perfectly suited to micro SMEs and individuals seeking manufacturing and design support. We have a proven track record of developing ideas into commercially successful products.
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We work with businesses of all sizes and individuals to develop new products. Whether you are in the advanced stages of the product development cycle or just beginning your journey. We can support you throughout the entire project. We tailor a plan to suit your exact needs, ensuring a customized approach for every client.

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Our Portfolio


As a professional designer and engineer with extensive experience in creating commercially successful projects, We have a portfolio of products and testimonials that attest to our capabilities. Our technical skills are top-notch, and we offer a level of personalized attention that large design agencies often miss due to their complex approval chains and bureaucratic processes. We focus on understanding the core needs of your project, strategizing effectively to meet them.

Having learned from past mistakes ourselves, We understand the challenges and pitfalls of product development. We often compare the process to a game of snakes and ladders, where risk is balanced with reward, and factors such as budget, time to market, performance, and risk management are crucial. One poorly planned move can be costly.

When you choose to work with us, you can expect:

  • Complete ownership of all intellectual property
  • Fast turnaround times when needed
  • Flexible and adaptable solutions
  • Personal and professional service
  • A strong commitment and pride to quality in every project

Kevin has created more than I could have expected with the design of “Buggy Tunes”. After sharing own ideas, they totally challenged my preconceptions of the design process and exceeded my expectations. I have been working with them for over two years and would not think of going anywhere else due to the quality of their work and, attention to detail and laser focus on my project… Massive recommendation for anyone thinking of using them.

Clare Cassidy

Buggy Tunes

We found Kevin and Mark to be one of those rare companies that truly listen and take the time to understand your issues. We needed a company that would help us with design and CAD support but also somebody flexible, and due to our work pressure, a company that would listen – easing pressure from us. I found Kevin and Mark extremely helpful, but they also understood the technical issues we faced and came up with workable solutions. They took on huge responsibility when designing plastic panels ready for injection moulding. The tools cost in excess of £1000,000 and were cut directly from their data without issue. They currently undertake all our CAD along with some electronic work, where Mark is a guru!

Frank Sanderson


Kevin has worked on several of our projects and continues to impress upon us his speed of delivery and quality of work. Through our recent projects we needed to consider and grasp aesthetics, but also technical know-how on CNC machining process. With this you need to ensure that the data/specs are 100% accurate. We continue to use them for our CAD Design and can’t see any reason for us to change.

Paul Melici

PM tune

Also being based in the North west, I engaged with Kevin after a recommendation from a mutual contact. We wanted critique on part of our product, to see if we could improve on the handle/clipping system of our Evac chair. Kevin quickly established the importance of gathering user feedback from the field and gained a firm understanding on the product and its needs promptly before rushing in. From information he proposed a series of concepts that could be easily integrated into the current design. He challenged my preconceptions and provided an intelligent solution – a simplistic mechanism that looked great, but that was also feasible for moulding and hit all the brief. The output we got in such a short time far exceeded our expectation. We look forward to using them Design on future projects.

Nick Gray

Evac Chair

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