New Product Development


Welcome to the World of Design and Development!

You have a new idea for a product that you would like to develop. Maybe you’re a tradesperson with a vision for a groundbreaking tool or solution that could revolutionize your industry. Perhaps you’ve identified a problem that needs solving, but you’re not yet sure how to visualize the solution. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey, and it all starts here.

Starting Your Journey

Now that you’re ready to talk about your new product idea, where do you begin? Enthusiasm and vision are essential starting points, but listening to experts and seeking advice will be crucial. Before delving into the nuts and bolts of the design process, it’s important to take stock and be realistic. Developing an idea is challenging, but beyond invention, it involves aspects such as marketing, planning, finance, and strategizing your route to market.


Protecting Your Idea

Keep your idea confidential. When discussing it with potential stakeholders and designers, ensure you have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place to safeguard your intellectual property. This step is vital if you plan to patent your idea, as public disclosure can affect its patentability.

Determining Novelty and Protection

Establish if your idea is novel and worth protecting. Start by conducting thorough research to see if similar ideas are already in the market. Services like Patent Seekers can help assess patentability and identify potential infringements, providing essential clarity before proceeding further.

Mapping Your Route to Market

Consider your route to market carefully. Developing a business plan will be instrumental, outlining how you intend to bring your product to consumers. You can either sell your idea to an established manufacturer or choose to produce and market it yourself, each option carrying different risks and rewards.

Funding Your Project

After evaluating your idea and deciding to pursue it, consider how you will fund it. Even small ideas incur costs for design, development, and intellectual property protection. Explore staged funding approaches to manage risks effectively and ensure you can navigate project milestones and cash flow.

Our Approach: Suitable and Manageable Stages

At Cypheron Design, we propose tasks be done in suitable and manageable stages along the development path. This approach minimizes your risk and effectively manages the project’s cost. We establish a solid foundation through careful planning and focus on developing a product centered around the end user. Our process considers the needs of stakeholders to provide a robust and clear product specification.



Embarking on product development can be daunting yet rewarding. With a viable idea that meets market needs and realistic expectations, coupled with expert guidance, your concept has the potential to become a successful and profitable product. At Cypheron Design, we thrive on working with passionate individuals like you, transforming ideas into thriving products.

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