Developing the Aerodrums Prototype

Project Overview

Aerodrums, a company known for its innovative drumming solution that allows users to drum without a traditional drum set, approached me to develop a range of concepts and ultimately design a production prototype for their unique device. The product gained significant attention after being featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and receiving funding from a successful Kickstarter campaign. However, the company needed to launch the product under a tight timescale and required assistance in mechanical design for the intricate plastic enclosures, brackets, and stand.

Challenges and Constraints

Tight Timeline: The need to transition quickly from concept to production due to the Kickstarter commitments.

Complex Design Requirements:

Integration of laser diodes with precise tolerances.

Housing for two separate PCBs and a camera lens within a compact unit.

Precision and Sensitivity: The design needed to accommodate small tolerances to ensure functionality and reliability.

Production Readiness: Sourcing and managing the production of parts for a small-scale initial run.

Solution Approach

Concept Development:

Collaborated closely with Aerodrums to understand the functional requirements and constraints of the device.

Developed several design concepts focusing on usability, portability, and aesthetic appeal.

Incorporated feedback from Aerodrums to refine the initial concepts.

Prototyping and Testing:

Designed detailed 3D CAD models of the chosen concept, ensuring all components fit precisely.

Produced prototypes to test the fit and function of the intricate components, particularly the laser diodes, PCBs, and camera lens.

Iteratively refined the design based on prototype testing to ensure all tolerances were met and the device operated correctly.

Soft Tooling and Parts Procurement:

Utilized my extensive network of contacts in the Far East to source competitive pricing and reliable services for soft tooling and parts procurement.

Managed the production of a small-scale initial run, ensuring high quality and adherence to design specifications.

Provided oversight and coordination with manufacturers to mitigate risks and ensure timely delivery.


The Aerodrums prototype was successfully designed, prototyped, and tested, meeting all the functional and aesthetic requirements. The intricate design challenges were effectively managed, resulting in a robust and reliable product ready for series production.


Client Satisfaction:

Aerodrums was extremely pleased with the final prototype and the support provided throughout the development process.

Market Readiness:

The product is poised for series production, with a launch planned in the near future.

Ongoing Support:

The successful collaboration has led to a continuing relationship, with ongoing support provided for further developments and production needs.

This case study demonstrates the importance of thorough design, precise prototyping, and strategic sourcing in bringing a complex and innovative product from concept to market under tight timelines.

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